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Today using your computer requires some effort regarding security. If you are using a Microsoft™ Windows™ product on your computer the information below could be helpful. Many of these products are Free however some are not. They are listed because they are all good tools for securing your machine from threats.

Currently I like ESET's NOD32 It is the smallest fastest best antivirus/antimalware program I have found, NOD32 also finds Root Kits. People like NOD32 so much they sing about it! songs by ESET's Nigel Cook NOD song | Malware Blues | Infected | Threatsense

My top pick for viruses / malware is

Other good programs are TREND™ MICRO's (AntiVirus + AntiSpyware™) for antivirus protection. You also need a good firewall to protect your computer from viruses and unwanted access from the internet (external network) or intranet (internal network). Another good firewall is ZoneAlarm™.

Below is a link to TREND™ MICRO's HouseCall, this can be used to double check your machine for viruses or use it to get to viruses that have compromised your machines current virus protection.


If you can not pay for any protection at this time try AVG (Antivirus by Grisoft) or ClamWin Antivirus Both work well. You can use a free version if you have no other antivirus protection or just want to save money!

Another part of securing your machine is dealing with Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and dialers. I recommend using Spybot Search & Destroy to remove this type of unwanted software from your computer. Also for prevention use SpywareBlaster to block Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and dialers from getting on your machine in the first place, or repair your browser after you have a problem. These programs should be used to together to build a arsenal to protect your machine. These tools will help you protect yourself from attempts to abuse your privacy, steal your identity, or financial information.

No discussion of security on Windows™ machines could be complete without a mention of Spam. You could use a browser that includes spam tools like Firefox this browser also blocks pop up windows. I am continuing to research products and will update this section when we find something better or new to help with security.

Finally just in case you get your machine gets slammed by some malicious program, use an imaging product to backup your computer and in a few minutes you can have everything back up and running again. I like Acronis True Image, it is designed to work like a tape backup solution with full and incremental backups only it uses your hard drive or optical media, and can be scheduled to run any time you want. is not affiliated with any of these products. I am not responsible for the misuse of these products and reserve the right to change my recommendations if the products quality changes. This section of my site is simply an attempt to point you to products and techniques to help you maintain and improve the quality of your computing experience.



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